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What's new. New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies. Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Hardware Components. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. Mar 12, 1 0 18, 0. Jul 13, 4, 0 22, Yes the sidewinder 2 is compatible with windows 7 64bit. No additional drivers needed, just plug and go. I hope that helps! If so, please mark best answer thanks! Apr 27, 1 0 18, 0. This is from microsoft - Step 1: Install the driver through Windows Updates a.

Check Windows Updates to see if there is a driver listed for the device and install it successfully.

See Automatically get recommended drivers and updates for your hardware Step 2: Check if the device is deteced in device manager a. Click Start, type devmgmt.

Look for the joystick item, right click on it and click Update driver. I'm so glad my post made a difference. Thanks for letting me know! I wish I could upvote you times, you saved another Sidewinder Precision 2! Today it just stopped working for no reason at all, and my laptop didn't detect it either. I disabled and enabled USB ports, spent ages looking for drivers, explored the joystick settings in the registry, then found your post, finally :. I didn't have any alcohol wipes so I just dipped a toothpick in Bacardi and scraped it around inside the USB on the joystick.

Let it dry, then plugged it in and I was so happy when I heard the device detection sound. Wonderful news! I'm very pleased my post has been of some use. At first I was like "ugh people are going to think I'm dumb for stating something so obvious" but sometimes the most obvious can be the last thing you try especially when the problems mimic software-related issues.

I have to say a big thanks, got the exact same joystick out the attic, it was not recognising at all by windows 10, and I was just about to trash it, before I read your comments, Did exactly the same with toothpick and alcohol on USB and yes its working, Now to see if it works with Ace Combat 7. Aw man that is wonderful! I'm so glad to hear my post has helped a number of people with their joysticks. Don't know how I stumbled upon this thread, but thank you so much.

I fee like an idiot for not trying this fix sooner. But what about setting up the controller for something like Portal? Thankfully, Joystick Mapper has a bunch of built-in presets we can start from for both Xbox and PS3 compatible controllers! We can actually use this preset as-is and it requires no customisation of our own. Enable this, just as we did before, and then minimise Joystick Mapper. Tip: Tip: Whilst we can use this preset without any changes made, this may not be applicable to all games of this type. Thankfully you can duplicate presets by clicking the Duplicate button and then modifying it without losing our existing settings.

After starting a new game I can already move the analog stick on my controller to control movement!

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However, as soon as I get to the first puzzle, I have no idea which button E corresponds to. Note down all the buttons you need first to save you time. Go to Keyboard and from here we can adjust all the controls to suit our new controller. Double-click each of these keys and it will highlight yellow. Then simply press the corresponding button on the controller. Depending on if you prefer to have an inverted look system where moving the stick up looks down then go to the Mouse section and select Reverse mouse. Additionally, if you find the stick a little too sensitive, you can adjust the mouse sensitivity in this section as well.

Setting up a gaming controller seems a lot more involved than it actually is. Do you use a game controller with your Mac? Perhaps you use another method.

Cura manual support

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