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Car Yard is a fun, reflex-based, car chase adventure game where you must quickly click on the correct icon or arrow in order to survive for as long as possible in the perilous car yard — and further your cute car's epic journey to escape. You play the role of a little red car that desperately wants to avoid ending up in the junk yard, and must use fast mouse-clicking and reaction skills to evade the many obstacles and enemies that try to hasten your transformation into scrap metal! This impressive and unusual side-scrolling, "choose your own destiny"-style survival game requires fast brain, hand and eye coordination, and wrist reaction speed.

You only have a very limited amount of time to choose which action to take in each scenario, and to then instantaneously point and click on the options in the correct sequence in order to survive. Ok Escape Artist, we're all rooting for you! Play a fun and eccentric top-down RC-style racing game where mini remote control cars race on wacky tabletop circuits!

Best Free Games for Mac in 12222: Go For Infinite Gaming Spree

Your cute little car speeds along in 4-way races against crafty computer opponents, and you must use gold coins earned from good performances to upgrade your mini car's power and acceleration in between races. Skills required: The 4-lap races can get away from you very quickly if you make a mistake early on, so this quirky, action-packed RC driving challenge requires smart reflexes, good hand-eye coordination skills, tactful keyboard control, and a cool head under pressure.

Your logical decision-making skills are key in the heat of battle where you must quickly weigh up whether to race aggressively, or take your time and wait patiently for overtaking opportunities. This is where good strategic race management comes into play.

Chase down a rival car by dodging and weaving in and out of traffic in this fun, side-scrolling action game featuring a top down view - playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, and desktop PC! Rival Rush is a multi-level, reactions-based racing game where your goal is to hunt down and overtake your opponent — the blue car that is leading the charge at the end of a very busy highway.

Even more games

You must guide your red sports car smoothly through the throngs of vehicles on the highway — avoiding crashes and keeping your momentum going. You can only afford two minor crashes per level - a third crash, and you fail this driving mission! To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. Skills required include good hand-eye coordination, alert reflexes and reaction speed, a sense of urgency, sharp anticipation skills, full concentration and determination.

Can you overtake your rival in all 18 levels?

The best games for your MacBook and iMac

Every year, the finest mini dirt racing cars from across the known and unknown Universe gather on chosen planets and asteroids to take part in the racing extravaganza known as the Knugg Rally. This year, three new outer space terrains have been selected to host the championship — and you are Earth's sole representative racing driver! So, it's time to grasp this distinct honor with both hands! Knugg Rally is a straight-forward, intense and addicting racing car game where you must take on computer-controlled opponents in a series of tricky one-on-one races.

Featuring cool space racer-style cars, challenging circuits, an awesome top-down view of the action, turbo boosters, and rockets to cheekily fire at opponents, this is inter-galactic racing as you've never seen it before!

Best Racing Games for Mac | iMore

Defeat your opponents, bring glory to Earth, and stake your claim as the fastest speedster in the universe! This is a straight-forward, one-level, traffic control-style challenge where your goal is to keep the intersection safe by preventing accidents for as long as possible, and earn a top points score with each new play.

Alert concentration levels, sharp anticipation and judgment skills, good hand-eye coordination, and nimble reflexes are all very important here as you must quickly decide which vehicles to speed up. Excellent timing through tactful finger tapping or mouse clicking is essential as the difference between a crash and a successful crossing can be miniscule. Tap or Click to keep a crisscrossing mud truck in play for as long as possible on a top-to-bottom scrolling obstacle course filled with dangerous lakes and narrow bridges!

Ribbit Racer is a tricky, distance-based retro arcade-style game with a top-down view playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC. This is a one-level challenge where your truck doesn't drive straight forward Instead, it continuously veers from left to right and back again , and your job is to use good reflexes to keep it on dry land for as long as possible.

You earn one point for each bridge you cross, and your ultimate task is to increase your top score with each new run. Good concentration, hand-eye coordination and reaction speed are important as you must carefully choose the exact moment to change the direction of your racer's movement in order to keep it out of harm's way. Create pandemonium on the streets! Play a crazy, reactions-based driving and shooting game and survival challenge all rolled into one!

Burnin' Rubber is a high-octane, explosion-filled car game where your goal is to survive for as long as possible, and destroy as many other vehicles as you can along the way! Anything goes — you have free reign to destroy any cars, vans or trucks that have the audacity to be in your path of destruction across the 4-laned highway!

Playable on android mobile phone and tablet, notebook, laptop and PC, this crazy driving game requires really smart reactions, good hand-eye coordination skills and high concentration levels.

Best Driving Games

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