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However, the process has changed ever so slightly for the new macOS Mojave Here is how to do it:. Name the signature something meaningful in the central column.

Replace the signature contents on the right with some placeholder text. This text should be recognizable to you as we will use it to help identify the correct signature system file later. Associate the new placeholder signature with one of your email accounts by dragging its name from the second column to an email account in the first column.

How to Create a Personalized HTML Email Signature - The Mac Observer

If you want to setup the signature to be the default for an email account with auto-load when starting a new message, select the email account in the first column, and choose the new signature. Close the Preferences window to save it, then Quit Apple Mail. Write an html page inside of your favorite text editor.

I use TextMate 2. The page should not have html or head tags. It should include only inline css, and should only consist of basic html elements div , span , img , a , etc….

Even though many email programs now support more advanced tags, there is still a large percentage of people who use older versions of Outlook and other software, and you want your signature to look great for them too. Here is some example code to get you started.

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We are going to be using TextEdit to open code files in the following steps, so we need to ensure that it is setup properly to display the raw HTML code. Open a TextEdit.

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We are going to need to locate the folder containing the placeholder signature. Unfortunately, most of you are not going to be able to use Finder to get to these folders. Apple goes to great lengths to hide these files from people as they usually contain info that is not usually editable by hand.

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Trying to navigate to them by clicking in Finder will usually lead you to your visible iCloud Drive folder with nowhere else to go. The files can be in 2 different places depending on whether you are using iCloud Drive or not.

How to Insert HTML Signature in Gmail

You are most likely using iCloud Drive, even if you are not using an iCloud email address. Double-check that iCloud Drive is enabled for Mail by clicking the Options button and ensuring the checkbox next to Mail is ticked. If both of these checkmarks are ticked, then you are using iCloud Drive and should proceed to the next step. These are your email signatures. On your new Mac, ensure Apple Mail is closed. Plug in your external drive or USB stick , open Finder and navigate to the location where your email signatures are saved. Open Apple Mail.

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Click on Mail from the top menu, Preferences and then click on the Signatures tab. You will now see your imported signatures there. You might want to add that sometimes the transfer does not pick up the automatic signature settings the default signature for each account. You can also just hit Command-G in the Finder and paste the above file paths in. Either way, your placeholder signature is the most recently modified file that ends with. To do so, click on the Editing arrow to the right of the file name in your text editor. Then check the Locked button in the drop-down dialog.

Save the file and quit your text editor. Thanks to Matt Coneybeare and Timmy Cai. Cult of Mac. Today in Apple history: iPad mini arrives.

How to Add HTML Signature to Mac Mail IMac 10.8

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