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One question for you: do you know the best way to get the non-slip feet off the base of the outer shell? I'm wanting to get that section powder-coated and that's the one remaining non-metal part on it. I'm slightly fearful of hacking at the things with a makeshift chisel. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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The Mighty Power Mac G5 - MacStories

Sign in anonymously. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Twitter. Posted June 22, edited. So, I am officially crazy Did I mention I was crazy?! This time I wanted everything to be perfect: - Keep as much of the original design as possible - Cut as less as possible - Since it is impossible to find a G5 Case without dents and scratches, I wanted to paint them, freshly.

I am done now and it is time to share my experiences: It was a rough 6 months from start to finish. The project kept me busy during all of the winter. I worked every weekend on it, till late. I need to apologize… …to my family for occupying their workshop, guest rooms and garages …to my friends for neglecting them during the last months …to the dogs and the cat for waking them up from their afternoon nap every now and then because of the metalwork-noise.

One was for a music-studio. One for my brother. The Apple logo is gone after painting… For the better, I think! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Retro Power Mac G5 Hackintosh

Posted June 22, What can I do, to show the pictures directly? You have any idea of the price you want for them? Posted June 23, Thanks man I'll do it Posted June 29, So, I will be careful what I say on public posts It was a couple of thousand Euros for everything and a lot of work on top Posted July 3, Posted July 8, Posted July 16, First Iteration oldest :.

Not all mainboard-holes on the top have a screw, because the case was modded for full ATX sized boards. But that does not really matter.

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It is held in - safe and secure with around 6 screws. You could see the radiator through the front on the first test-build because I used a grey silicone on the front, covering some holes and the radiator was placed very close to the front. I changed that on the later builds. There I will use a black foam-seal to get some distance to the front.

PowerMac G5 Case Modding Project - mATX & ATX Conversion - Barebones - Mac Pro Alternative

Also, no silicone on the front. Only at the top and sides. This is then invisible. Glad I tested this before modding all 6 mATX barebones. I was still working on the final PSU design at the time. I did not like the PSU very much. It had to be glued in silicone and was non-removable. Then, the worst-case scenario happened. The fan suddenly made rattling noises and I had to remove this PSU again to return it.

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That was the moment I decided to re-use the original PSU-housing on the bottom - and no more glue. Third Iteration Final Build :. Varnished with the spray gun and compressed air. Even on the inside. BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 3. One of the biggest and most powerful Air-coolers on the market. These PowerMac cases can virtually fit any cooler - no matter how big. It also works out with the Aluminium coolers on the ram. Very lucky. Also: Always be grounded when handling electronic components. Still plenty of space left between door and cooler. The fan bracket is fitted with two NoiseBlocker 92mm fans.

The empty Apple-PSU housing before modding. See the previous posts for details of the PSU-modding. Finished second iteration Build with new supermicro PSU in the original housing.

Make the perfect connection.

Most cable-management can be done under the mainboard. Super-silent Air-cooling. All run near minimum speed. This one has antennas build in and a C19 power-plug. Only the Ethernet-cable can be a bit tricky to remove on this particular build. Ethernet cables have this little barb on it. You need to press it down before you can get the cable out. The barb is hard to press because everything is recessed a bit. For a desktop computer this is totally fine.

The barb is easily accessible when opening the door of the case and removing the back-fan bracket that is clamped in. The LAN-cable will only be plugged in once, so it is fine. The machine will not be moved to a different room very often. No more dents or stains on the case. Freshly varnished. No more Apple-Logo on the side after painting.

Just a clean silver look. I learned a lot and could improve the quality of all other barebones. Posted December 26, edited. Visually though, the front and back are filled with uniquely designed vent holes, distinguishing it from the more traditional and cleaner look. The power and design come together when you open up the computer from the top. You can lift off the aluminum housing for degree access to just about every component. This inch 6K display comes with a Nano-Texture surface meant to reduce reflections without affecting the overall image quality.

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  5. Additionally, because every single LED is calibrated at the factory level for HDR, Apple is able to deliver high-dynamic range like never seen before. Apple achieves this by using a unique lattice cooling pattern on the back of the display in order to maintain 1, nits of brightness at all times — with 1, nits of peak brightness. This monitor is able to produce stunning images, as well, thanks to its 1,, contrast ratio. Naturally, the new Mac Pro 's companion screen is sold separately, as is the color-tweaked keyboard, mouse and trackpad. In fact, Apple is targeting the new Mac Pro at production crews and serious creators.

    Apple Mac Pro G5 Casemod Waterloop

    Apple announced the Mac Pro release date for "fall ," which means that it will most likely arrive between September and November. Apple has favored October for a lot of its prior hardware launches, and that falls into this release window. We should hopefully know more about the Mac Pro at Apple's iPhone 11 launch, giving us a better understanding of when we can expect the new pro computer.

    Folks who were indifferent with the older Mac Pro's design will be happy to know that Mac Pro has been created to be far more industrial and modular. The Mac Pro's leanings are more traditional with the combination of brushed aluminum and heat sink holes adorning the outer shell, which unfortunately makes it look like an industrial cheese grater.