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The easy way. The not-so-easy way. Playing in LAN or Online. Extra notes may be updated. Have you ever wanted to play Left 4 Dead 2 split-screen with 2 players on 1 PC?

Portal 2: Pretty Much Every PS3 Question Answered (and that Cake thing, too)

You will need to access the developer console and execute some commands to achieve split-screen mode on your PC. You can also pair 2 or more PC's on the same network and have more than 2 players. This works for all game modes including mutations and even add-on maps. I know lots of people struggle to do this and play flawlessly so if this guide helped you please let me know in the comments, and if you had any problems or didn't know what to do let me know in the comments too :. Let's begin with the easy way. This method should work just fine if you have 2 Xbox controllers or any other x-input compatible controllers hooked up to your computer, and it will allow you to play all of the game modes excluding mutations.

What you have to do is simply subscribe to this add-on. Once you are subscribed and the add-on finished downloading, just launch the game if it's not already and the first thing you will notice is the addition of a new mode in the menu called split-screen. You can also change whether to split the screen vertically or horizontally by clicking on SS mode.

Left 4 dead 2 private game

Once you're in-game you just start playing using the 2 controllers you have. However, if you only have 1 controller, wanna play an add-on map. If the previous method didn't work for you for whatever reason, or let's say you have 1 controller, or maybe you wanna play a mutation or an add-on map then the second method should totally work for you. If you have one controller.

You should now be able to play Left 4 Dead 2 in split-screen with another friend on 1 PC, and the game doesn't support more than 2 players on one machine, so what to do if you want to have more players? If you want to play the game with 3, 4, or even more players you will need more than one PC, all of them connected to the same network, and L4D2 is installed on all machines. But, still how do you do it? Let's take an example first, we are 4 players with 2 PC and we want to play together whether it's co-op campaign or versus.

Make sure all PC's are connected to the same network wired connections result in less latency , one of the computer will host the game with 2 players and the other will join in with 2 players so you will have a total of 4 players. To host a game, pick one of the computer to be the host, you will get better results if this computer is the one with better hardware and better connection to your router, it wouldn't make much difference but can sometimes result in a better experience.

This pretty much wraps it up on how to play Left 4 Dead 2 split-screen. If this guide helped you please let me know in the comment section,rate and also favorite.

Left 4 Dead 2 (Non-Steam) – MacWorldz

And if you had any problems report them on the comments please. Thank you for your time and have fun!

Ramsthebull 13 Aug am. Hey, I got everything working, Although the screen using the Xbox controller moves very fast, and i have little controller of where I look, Although i can move around and shoot and all. How do i fix? Sidebar Sidebar.

Forums Software PC Gaming. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next Sort by votes. Sep 30, 3 0 18, 0. I have my pc hooked up to my big screen in the living room and I'm wanting to play Everquest with my fiance but shes never played any game ever before so me being able to see her screen next to mine is a major plus. Is it possible to do this? I found this link below , which they claim works for left 4 dead, but could I apply the same process to work for EQ?

Dec 1, 0 18, 7. I've been looking for a different method for a while now, but i cant get the program schools only Jul 18, 1, 0 19, 6. Left 4 Dead has splitscreen functionality built in but you have to use a gamepad for 1 player. You must log in or register to reply here.

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